About Us

We are a small scale fishing family.. harvesting wild caught, sustainable seafood from the icy waters of rugged Kodiak Island, Alaska.

As first generation commercial fishermen, we have built our life and business around the ocean and fishing.

Our journey began in 1998 when we bought our vessel the Fish Tale. After crewing on other vessels for over a decade, we knew in our hearts a change was needed. It was time to take control of our own destiny, plot a new course and go out on our own. Although small, our vessel has served us well, providing for our family and allowing us to raise our daughter Traci and two boys Matt and Tristen in the most beautiful setting in the world. 

We love fishing.. and with the help of our sons we are proud to offer families across America the finest seafood available, and the reassurance it comes from carefully managed, sustainable fisheries.

Harvested with care and respect for the natural resources we depend on, utilizing low impact gear and fishing methods to protect stocks for future generations.

Our fish are processed locally and shipped directly to you and other families across the US. Purchasing your seafood directly from the fishermen that harvest it reduces the carbon footprint, and eliminates fraud and waste associated with long, complicated supply chains.